Team Spain won the World Cup

17.07.2010 | Lucie Muzikova

It isn´t a championship trophy but it has also a great value. At also the gold medal counts on. Team Spain won after a "soccer" game against Team Australia 1-0 thanks to goal Marty and the celebrations can start.

Game 8   •   wF   •   Sa 17.7.2010   •   18:00   •   Schedule and results
Spain 1:0Australia
(1:0, 0:0, 0:0)
I. Fernandez (Gonzales) - Suarez, Montero, Garcia, Roshchyn, Echevarria, Olmedo, Bejarano, Bachs, Carrillo, Alfaro, Serrano, Marty, Herrero, A. Fernandez.MacLou (Smart) - Collins, Bergamin, Adams, Haynes, Hayres, Belic, Dunstan, Best, Brophy, Smith.
Goals and assists: 17. Marty (Suarez)
Penalties: 2:4. PP goals: 0:0. SH goals: 0:0.
Referees: Rozlílek, Miller. Audience: 150.
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The final game in World Cup for this year didn´t bring any goalfest and it finished with soccer score. Spaniards didn´t convert two power plays in the 1st half and also Australians didn´t have so many opportunities to score.

Both teams weren´t good in shooting, the shots flought away and every precise shot ended on goalies. Score changed in 17th minute when a really hard shot to net Ramon Marty and he precise troke the gap beween MacLoun´s pads. Nobody knows that it was the frist and the ast goal.

Also the second half was in shadow of unconverted opportunities and they weren´t also very serious. Spaniards were waiting in their half behind the net as soon as possible because they didn´t have to hurry.

Australians got a chance to score in 4 minute power play but they almost conceded themselves. Serrano was in an ideal possition but he stroke only the bar.

Haynes was close to the tying goal, it was about 10 centimetres, but Fernandez cover the puck. The puck crossed the line but the goal was reached by illegal way.

In time 39:58 Collins couldn´t send this game to overtime, because he missed the net for few metres. Team Australia was angry of referees because they think that Haynes score absolutely fair goal. „We are really dissapointed, mainly right after the game. It was an unlucky game for us, we unfortunatelly couldn´t convert any of our chances. The final standing in top 10 is really good for us and we are happy for that,“ says Michael Hayness, the captain of Team Australia. „For us it was a great game. It was a drama and we played against very good opponent and we win,“ Fernando Serrano after the game.

Author: Lucie Muzikova


Pablo Pons (Team Spain coach): "We are satisfied with this game. It was really a crazy one, nobody couldn´t reach a goal. I am happy that we could do that once. We are glad now but I think that we could be better in final standigs for 2 places and fight for 7th place.

David Haynes (Team Australia coach): "We knew that it would be a very hard game and we had to work harded. Guys played very well, they managed that but we couldn´t reach any goal. I have to say to Spaniards congratulation. We are satisfied with final standings, it is amazing to be in top ten in the world."

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18.7. | Closing ceremony
We have added some photos from the medal and closing ceremony.


17.7. | All Stars team
Michael Urbano (USA) - Julien Walker (SUI), Karel Rachunek (CZE), Travis Fudge (USA), Brian Baxter (MEX).


17.7. | Individual awards
MVP: Travis Fudge (USA), Best goalkeeper: Michael Urbano (USA), Best defender: Karel Rachunek (CZE), Best forward: Diego Schwarzenbach (SUI), Fair play award: Team Spain.

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